To show every Italian
that true life is found in Jesus.


To make the message of Jesus
accessible and comprehensible to every Italian.


To become Italy's most helpful digital resource 
to those exploring faith in God.

Whoever has the Son has life;
whoever does not have the Son of God
does not have life.

1 JOHN 5:12


Find out how Vita Vera was born

In 2013, I moved from Parma, Italy to Charlotte, NC to attend university. I soon realized that Americans had access to several Christian resources to help them grow spiritually. Things in Italy were, and unfortunately still are, quite different. Italians who don't speak English have access to quite a limited number of online Christian resources. Many Italians have serious questions regarding the trustworthiness of the Bible, the historical Jesus, and the reliability of the Christian faith. But it is virtually impossible to find answers to all of these questions on Sunday mornings or during Bible studies. Consequently, as the years go by, many Italians lose their interest in Jesus because they don't have the tools and resources necessary to answer their deepest questions and doubts.

In 2018, my wife Victoria and I started to dream. Our desire was to create an app and a website that would offer Italians some of the resources that had been so helpful to us. We wanted to create a digital platform with sermons, apologetics videos, small group resources and other tools to help Italians find Jesus. We knew we wanted to become Italy's most helpful digital resource not only to those exploring faith but also to those looking to continue to follow Jesus.
In 2019, we started praying for direction, identifying resources in English that we wanted to translate to Italian, and looking for partners to help us make this dream come true. We knew that not every Italian may be looking for Jesus, but every Italian is looking for true life (vita vera in Italian). And this is how Vita Vera was born.

Vita Vera exists thanks to the generosity of our donors, the consistency of our prayer partners, and the talent and incredible contribution of our contractors and volunteers. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is worth it! 

Our ministry does not wish to take the place of the local church. On the contrary, our goal is to help local churches reach as many people as possible. We will continue to add new content to further advance our mission: to make the message of Jesus accessible and comprehensible to every Italian.

Our prayer is that our resources will help you know Jesus, because we firmly believe that whoever finds Jesus finds vita vera.

Thank you for being here!

Kevin & Victoria


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